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The Happy Fitness Chill Mama class focuses on stretching areas of post-natal mums’ bodies that hold tension, lack flexibility and cause aches and pains. Alongside creating a calming and deeply relaxing setting for mums to breathe, unwind and take a moment to clear their busy minds.

Our Chill Mama classes aim to,

  • Improve flexibility, balance and posture

  • Improve symptoms of Diastasis Recti by activating the transversus abdominis 

  • Increase range of motion in joints

  • Reduce post-natal anxiety, stress and depression

  • Relieve pain and target most problematic areas of tension during motherhood

  • Introduce you to other new mums in a safe and friendly environment. 

NEED TO KNOW: Mums must have received a 6-week postnatal check from their GP and have been given the all clear to return to exercise. (12 weeks after a C-Section.) Mums will be asked to complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire prior to participation. 



Each class will include a series of both moving and stationary full body stretches, combined with deep and transverse abdominis breathing techniques.

At the end of each class, we will enjoy 15 minutes of calm with a hot drink, biscuits and lots of time to chat.

At this point I will be available to perform Diastasis Recti checks, discuss any other post-natal niggles you may be experiencing, offer support and advice where I can. Or just give you a great big mummy to mummy cuddle.

I know it can be a hard slog mama so join Happy Fitness with Holly for an hour of mums only relaxation.

You deserve it.  

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