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The Happy Fitness Strong Mama Post Natal Fitness classes are designed to improve the strength and fitness levels of mums that have had babies in the last 10 years but haven't had the chance to get back into exercise.

During the classes we work through a variety of training methods that will gradually and safely increases our mamas strength and cardiovascular fitness. All our classes can be adapted for beginners and are suitable for all levels of fitness and exercise experience. 

We offer our mamas an hour to work on their fitness and pre baby confidence, in a fun, safe and relaxed mums only environment. 


The Strong Mama Post Natal Fitness classes aim to; 

  • Strengthen and stabilise deep core muscles that are most effected by pregnancy and rarely get much attention in your average fitness class. 

  • Strengthen upper and lower body muscles through both resistance and body weight exercises, improving muscle tone and decreasing body fat.

  • Improve cardio endurance with low impact training methods. 

  • Increase flexibility in the most problematic areas for mums.

NEED TO KNOW: Mums must have received a 6-week postnatal check from their GP and have been given the all clear to return to exercise. Mums will be asked to complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire prior to participation.

I work closely with all of my clients to make sure that they are comfortable and working at their own pace. I ensure that correct form is being performed to prevent injury and to help mums get the most out of their workouts. The classes are suitable for all fitness levels and my clients are given the option to work at low/medium/high intensity. 


The classes are perfect for all mums, if you’ve had one or more children, you will benefit from post-natal expert led exercise.

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