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Here's what some of our mamas have to say.

Pre Natal - Rosie.jpg

I’ve recently completed a six week pre natal fitness course with Holly and would definitely recommend it to others expecting a baby! Holly is so friendly and her classes are just the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation! I always left the class feeling both physically and mentally stronger. There’s no pressure to do anything out of your comfort zone and Holly is full of useful knowledge! It was also great to meet other mums at a similar stage of pregnancy on the course

Rosie x


Holly’s classes have been incredible for my post natal fitness journey. Holly such a great teacher, demonstrating and explaining everything thoroughly, with the added bonus of being able to take baby too! We built our strength up steadily each week, each class getting more challenging, which felt extremely safe and made me feel in tune with my body again - I couldn’t believe how much my strength and fitness had improved after completing the last session. I loved them so much, I’ve joined onto the strong mom’s classes!

Hannah x

Pre Natal_edited.jpg

I've been going to Holly's pre-natal fitness classes for the last six weeks and I've really enjoyed them. They're just the right level of challenge for a sometimes tired pregnant mum-to-be. Holly is really welcoming and explains everything clearly with demonstrations before we attempt anything. She's also been great adapting exercises for my dodgy knee! Looking forward to another six weeks :)

Lauren x

strong mamas.jpg

Happy Fitness is my happy place. Holly has inspired me to work hard and it's paying off. I would recommend Holly to any mum who has lost their way and is looking to improve their fitness.

Anna x


I have just completed the 12 week course and I couldn't recommend this enough. Its really hard to find the motivation and confidence to start excerise after having a baby, but Holly's 12 week course is the prefect place to start. Holly always gives different intensity levels for each exercise and makes you feel more then welcome. This course has not only given me confidence it has motivated me to get back into exercise, thanks Holly.​

Amy x


I have attended 5 of Holly’s post natal fitness classes to date and have really enjoyed them. It’s helped to ease me back into exercise again gently and safely after the birth of my baby. I’ve also now joined Holly’s pram fit classes too. Both classes are great as you don’t need to find childcare whilst you exercise. Holly is welcoming and approachable, she explains things clearly and tailors the exercises to meet your needs. I would recommend to any new mum looking to improve their fitness levels!

Jayne x


Completed the 12 week post natal course and I really enjoyed it and could tell I felt stronger by the end of it. It was so convenient to be able to exercise with baby. I've now been attending Holly's pram fit classes for the last couple of months and again these have really enjoyable, well planned and just the right level of challenging. Would throughly recommend both sessions!

Rachel x


Having just completed the 12 week postnatal course, I am feeling fitter, stronger and more confident in my body and what i can achieve fitness wise. The course focussed on pelvic floor, core strength and general fitness, guided by the lovely and inspiring Holly. Thanks so much Holly!

Heather x

Pre Natal.jpg

I've been going to Holly's prenatal fitness class since 16 weeks, and I can highly recommend. The classes are a great mix of strength, balance and light cardio. Holly always offers adaptations and checks in with us, I am hoping to join postnatally too!

Fiona x 


Absolutely LOVING my experience with Holly. After having my 2nd baby I was told that I have really bad Diastasis recti and that I wasn’t allowed to exercise until it had been rectified with the physio. As someone who isn’t used to being out of shape, this was really bothering me - and then I found Holly. Holly tailors all of the exercises to ensure they’re safe, and didn’t let me begin without a full consultation. Everyone is so lovely and friendly, and it’s so nice to be in a setting where everyone understands if your baby cries, or needs feeding etc. I know this time I won’t get my pre baby body back as quickly, but it’s nice to know that I will get it back slowly and safely. Thank you Holly!

Aimee x


Holly's post natal fitness class was just the motivation I needed to get back into fitness after having my first baby. The classes are well structured and are planned perfectly, they begin at a level for everyone and then progress as the weeks go by. I am definitely finishing the course much more confident and stronger than when I started. I would definitely recommend the classes to all new mums and to top it off Holly is just lovely to know and work with!

Penny x

Strong mamas - November 2021_edited.jpg

Loved the past 12 weeks of the Strong Mama Course. Each exercise was adapted to different levels of fitness and stage of PP. Definitely feel like I’ve got much stronger!
Loved the class being for mums only as it took off the pressure and everyone worked at their own pace. It’s great having the flexibility that if classes are missed, the session is recorded and available to do at home.

Lauren x


Holly’s class is so friendly and just a lovely environment for mamas and babies we’ve really enjoyed having class to come to while on mat leave. coming to class always makes me feel better in myself and I didn’t actually realise how much difference it’d make until holly said today that our last class was 6x harder than the first and I remembered how tough that was! Holly also records the classes so if you have to miss one or miss a lot of the class due to tending to baby you can catch up at home which is really useful. Have signed up to more and would definitely recommend!

Kimberley x


After having my second baby I had put on a lot more weight than I did on my first pregnancy and I felt really uncomfortable and unfit, I was unsure where to start to get back into fitness and I joined Holly’s classes hoping it would help put me on the right track. It certainly did! I have lost weight and more importantly feel fitter and healthier, ready to exercise on my own. Holly is really supportive and the exercises are tailored perfectly to challenge you each week. It’s a lovely atmosphere and being able to take your baby with you is so nice. I feel stronger and fitter in just 12 short weeks, I’ll definitely be doing more of Holly’s classes in the future.

Lisa x

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