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The Happy Fitness 12 Week Post Natal Fitness Classes offer a gentle and progressive reintroduction to exercise that is post natal friendly.

Our classes run for 12 weeks to ensure our mums have the best chance to fully rehabilitate their post natal bodies safely and effectively, an opportunity we believe all mums should have.


Our mum and baby set up means you can take an hour for some self care without having to arrange childcare. 

Our Post Natal Mum and Baby Fitness Classes are proven to;

  • Improve and heal Diastasis Recti by strengthening the transverse abdominis 

  • Re strengthen the pelvic floor and reduce symptoms of incontinence 

  • Recapture self confidence around like minded mums in a safe and compassionate environment  

  • Reduce muscular tension aches and pains in new mums most problematic areas

  • Increase fitness levels and help mums regain full body strength 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and boost mental health 


NEED TO KNOW: Mums must have received a 6-week postnatal check from their GP and have been given the all clear to return to exercise. 12 weeks after a C-Section. Mums will be asked to complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire prior to participation. 


The workouts will be comfortably challenging but they are by no means gruelling sessions. My aim is to get you moving again, help rebuild your pelvic floor and core strength, stretch out those tense and problematic mummy muscles and prepare your body to go back into the world and start exercising as you may have done pre pregnancy.


The workouts will be low impact and medium intensity. Each week will be different but we will follow a similar structure and I will provide all the necessary equipment for your workout.


Included in your class booking we also offer a Diastasis Recti Assessment in week 1 and a reassessment in week 6 and week 12 to monitor progress.  

I have just completed the 12 week course and I couldn't recommend this enough. Its really hard to find the motivation and confidence to start exercise after having a baby, but Holly's 12 week course is the prefect place to start. Holly always gives different intensity levels for each exercise and makes you feel more then welcome. This course has not only given me confidence it has motivated me to get back into exercise, thanks Holly.

Amy x

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