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Pre and Post Natal Exercise Classes in Dronfield UK

"Happy Fitness has the health and happiness of women and their babies at the heart of everything we do"



I'm Holly, I'm a Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer and Mum to two beautiful boys. I am passionate about helping women feel happy and healthy throughout their pregnancy and post-natal recovery. 


Throughout both of my pregnancies I worked hard to maintain my fitness levels, to eat well and remain healthy, for myself and my babies. My post-natal journey was not as straight forward, after my 6-week post-natal check and being told I was ok to return to exercise, I felt completely lost. I had no idea where to start, when would I fit it in, how do you exercise whilst enduring sleepless nights and on demand breastfeeding? Should I be focussing on weight loss? Will I ever look or feel the way I did pre pregnancy again? I had no confidence and too many mixed messages.

It made me think if I feel like this, after all my training and exercise experience, what must other women be feeling like. Perhaps women who have never exercised before, women that stopped exercising completely when pregnant. How would they know where to start?

And that’s when Happy Fitness With Holly, (my third baby) was born. I completed my own post natal rehab and self corrected a very weak pelvic floor and 3cm ab separation. After which I trained and became officially qualified in Pre and Post-Natal Fitness and Nutrition. Since then I have written 3 bespoke specialised programs that aim to safely guide women through their pregnancies and help them return to exercise from as early as 6 weeks post-natal.

My mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of all Pre and Post-Natal Women. 

Whatever stage of pregnancy or post-natal recovery you are in. If you are feeling lost about what type of exercise you should be doing or want help and support in a safe return to exercise, please get in touch. I would love to help you to feel happier and healthier in both body and mind.

Holly x

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