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Performing the correct exercises during pregnancy, will quite simply help you to get fitter (amongst many other benefits) and the fitter you are the easier labour should be for you. It can also potentially lead to a quicker and faster labour without complications.

Pregnancy and labour are a time in a woman’s life where you should be in your optimum state of health. It’s a long challenging journey and the more prepared you are the easier it will be.

Exercise and healthy eating during pregnancy will push you in the right direction for a straight forward labour, a lovely healthy baby and a quicker easier Post Natal recovery.

The Happy Fitness Pre Natal 6 Week Course has been designed to help pregnant women safely maintain their fitness levels, support and strengthen areas of their bodies that are under a lot of strain, and to prepare them for birth during their second and third trimester.

The classes are also an excellent way to boost energy levels and mental health. Reduce stress and anxiety. Whilst meeting a group of new mums that are expecting babies around the same time as you in your local area.

Our Pre Natal Fitness classes aim to,

  • Build and maintain pre natal strength and mobility. 

  • Strengthen pelvic floor and core 

  • Reduce stress and improve mental health.

  • Prevent pre natal pain and target most problematic areas of tension during pregnancy.

  • Introduce you to other new mums-to-be in a safe and friendly environment. 


NEED TO KNOW: Mums to be can attend after 13 weeks of pregnancy or after they have had their first scan. The classes are safe throughout the second and third trimester and we advise our mums-to-be to join more than one 6 week course if they can. 


WHAT TO EXPECT IN YOUR CLASS: Each week we will focus on a different area of Pre Natal fitness, from Pre Natal hip mobility and strength to lower body strength and stability. The workouts will be comfortably challenging but they are by no means gruelling sessions. My aim is to get you moving safely, improve your strength and mobility and to stretch out those tense and problematic pregnancy areas of the body. Health professionals have a huge responsibility to focus on baby during pregnancy (rightly so), but I'm here for mum to be. I want to help improve your chances of having an easy labour followed by a speedy Post Natal recovery. 

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