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The Happy Fitness Pram Fit classes tick all the boxes by offering Post Natal mums a chance to safely improve their fitness levels and regain strength while spending time with their baby and other local mums outdoors in the fresh air.

Our Pram Fit classes aim to; 

  • Build and maintain full body strength through body weight and resistance training. 

  • Improve cardio vascular fitness and endurance levels through low impact and post natal friendly exercise.

  • Reduce stress and boost mental wellbeing by exercising in the fresh air. 

  • Introduce you to other local mums in a safe and friendly environment. 


NEED TO KNOW: Mums must have received a 6/8 week postnatal check from their GP and have been given the all clear to return to exercise. Ideally mums will have completed the Pre Natal 12 Week Fitness Class prior to or alongside attending the Pram Fit classes. 

There is no upper age limit to baby/toddler/pre-schooler so please bring bigger ones along, as long as they're well supervised during the classes and you take full responsibility of them. All mums will be asked to complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire prior to participation. 


The workouts will be comfortably challenging but they are by no means gruelling sessions.

Classes are 45 minutes, and start with a warm up walk followed by a variety of full body strength and cardio vascular exercises. We use bodyweight exercises and resistance bands and other obtacles around the park and will finish with a walk and gentle stretch.

The workouts will be low impact, medium intensity and can be adapted to all fitness levels. Each class will be different but we will follow a similar structure.

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