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6 Week Strong Mama Online Exercise Programme

The Happy Fitness Strong Mama 6-week online exercise programme is specifically designed for busy mums who have limited time. The weekly effective and efficient workouts focus on strength building, and overall fitness. The programme can be adapted to suit your needs and fitness levels, workouts can be done at home at a time during the day that suits you. We ensure that even the busiest mums can prioritise their health and well-being.

What's included?

  • A progressive 6-week programme consisting of 3/4 weekly workouts that is written with your goals and needs in mind to follow either in the gym or at home 

  • Tops Tips on maintaining a healthy balanced diet during your exercise programme 

  • Invite to join the Strong Mama @ Home WhatsApp support group for daily challenges and top tips to keep you motivated and accountable

  • Weekly check ins to address any questions or concerns, review and refine techniques, suggest suitable exercises, and track progress towards goals.

NEED TO KNOW: Mums must be at least 3 months post natal and have received a postnatal check from their GP and have been given the all clear to return to exercise. Mums will be asked to complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire prior to participation.


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